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Wuhan International Expo Center

Address: 619 Yingwu Ave, Hanyang Qu, Wuhan Shi, Hubei Sheng, China, 430156

Wuhan International Expo Center is a multi-functional composite international expo city that integrates exhibition, technology, culture, business, leisure, tourism, and residence. Wuhan International Expo Center covers an area of 6,253 mu with a total investment of 50 billion yuan. The core area projects include the exhibition hall, conference center, Intercontinental Hotel, Global (Cultural) Center, and Guobo Smart Building. It is currently the largest and most functional in Central China. The highest comprehensive exhibition center. As of December 2017, Wuhan International Expo Center has held 206 exhibition events with a total exhibition area of nearly 7 million square meters and has received over 15.55 million visitors. In 2017, the Wuhan International Conference Center held 249 conferences and kept 360,000 participants.

The exhibition hall of Wuhan International Expo Center is shaped like a 12-piece chime. It covers an area of about 460,000 square meters and is divided into upper and lower floors. The overall property area is 700,000 square meters. The interior of the exhibition hall adopts a column-free design. The exhibition halls are separated by sliding doors. After the six halls are connected, the maximum exhibition area of 65,000 square meters can be provided. The pavilion can provide up to 6,880 standard booths with an indoor exhibition area of approximately 150,000 square meters. The outdoor plaza located outside the main entrance of the indoor exhibition hall covers an area of 40,000 square meters. The open space provides free space for the organizers to create creative activities. The surrounding Expo theme park has beautiful scenery and natural leisure. It is a square performance, open-air music festival. A great venue for activities.

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