Jeddah - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Jeddah - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Jeddah, also known as Jiddah, Jiddah, or Jiddah (/'[email protected]/JED [email protected]),; Arabic pronunciation: [email protected]) is a city located in Saudi Arabia's Hejaz region and serves as the country's commercial centre. Jeddah, with a population of approximately 4,697,000, is the largest city of Makkah Province. It is also the second-largest municipality in Saudi Arabia (after Riyadh) and the tenth largest in the Middle East. Jeddah Islamic Port is located on the Red Sea and is the 36th largest seaport worldwide.

Jeddah, which is 65 km (40 mi) away from Mecca, is the main gateway to Mecca. Medina is 360 km (220 mi) further north.

Jeddah's economic focus is on increasing capital investment in engineering and scientific leadership in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. In 2009, the Innovation Cities Index ranked Jeddah fourth in Africa and the Mid-East regions in terms of innovation. [6]

Jeddah, one of Saudi Arabia's main resort cities, was designated a Beta city by the Globalization & World Cities Study Group Network (GaWC). Because of its proximity to the Red Sea and the dominance of seafood, the city has a unique food culture. The city's motto in Arabic is \"Jeddah Ghair\", meaning \"Jeddah Is Different\". This motto is widely used by both locals and foreign tourists. It is considered the most liberal city of Saudi Arabia, and is a popular tourist spot in the region.