Leon - Leon, Mexico


Leon - Leon, Mexico
Address: Leon, Mexico
Leon - Leon, Mexico


Decoration and design concept. Carly Nance, Rachel Bentley

The Don Bonito Hotel, a modern minimalist paradise, is located in quiet Avenida Palmar, on the north shores of Sayulita.

Design Studio that focuses exclusively on Interior Design and Furniture. Our work is handmade in local workshops by skilled artisans.

We fell in love with their amazing designs the moment we walked into their studio. We are always amazed at the creativity shared by these two. You'll be amazed at how talented they truly are if you take a look at their sketchbooks.

\"Unleash the imagination with Vitoria: A cage-like pendant light from Oscar Mora's Mexico City Workshop, Leon Leon\".

Mexico City furniture designer Leon Leon has bright, handmade pieces that are very appealing as summer approaches.

It is the most modern and beautiful mexican design.\"(Talking about Cali Chair).

\"I look forward to enjoying the summer outside with a glass of wine in one hand, and a book in the other.\".

\"The Leon Leon chairs from Mexico have the ability to infuse all around you with an easy-going, summer attitude.

\"Beautiful, colorful, I love these handmade chairs from Leon Leon in Mexico.

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