Canton Fair 2019


Zhongshan Expo Center

Address: Bo'ai 6th Rd, Zi Ma Ling Shang Quan, Zhongshan Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 528400 One of the most striking features of the Zhongshan Expo Center is that she is like a metal truss floating on the entire block. The truss is supported by a lightweight steel cable structure, including a large exhibition hall, conference center and Above the perennial fixed exhibition hall is a metal roof, which is naturally open above the pool and public garden. Above the plaza and outdoor pedestrian traffic concentration blocks, the roof truss system can adjust the louver to a closed state during high temperature and sun exposure, taking into account the natural climatic characteristics of Zhongshan. When the wind is sunny, the blinds are adjusted to be open, so that the sun shines directly on the square. The roof truss seems to be a layer of blue clouds, floating quietly over the square, thus enclosing a climatic condition. The open public space of the city used, this design is novel and has a good display of the style of Zhongshan City.