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Kuwait City - Kuwait City, Kuwait

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Kuwait City (Arabic [email protected]), is the capital and largest municipality of Kuwait. It is located on the southern shore of Kuwait Bay, on the Persian Gulf. It is the capital and largest city of Kuwait.

The metropolitan area was home to more than 70% of the country's inhabitants, with roughly 3 million people living there as of 2018. [1] The city has no administrative status. The urban agglomeration is made up of parts of all six national governorates. It is subdivided in many areas. Kuwait City, in a narrower sense, can also be referred to as the historic core of the city, which is now part of the Capital Governorate. It seamlessly blends with adjacent urban areas.

Kuwait International Airport, Mina Al-Shuwaikh Port (Shuwaikh Port), and Mina Al Ahmadi Port (Ahmadi Port) serve Kuwait City's transportation and trade needs.

The town of Kuwait was established in modern-day Kuwait City in 1613 as a fishing village that was inhabited by fishermen. The Bani Utubs arrived in Kuwait in 1716. Kuwait was inhabited at the time of the Utubs' arrival by just a few fishermen. Its primary function was to be a fishing village. Kuwait became the main commercial hub for goods transit between India, Muscat and Baghdad in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. [3][4] Kuwait was already the main trading route between the Persian Gulf and Aleppo by the middle of the 1700s. [5]

The Persian siege at Basra (1775-1779) saw the escape of Iraqi merchants. They were instrumental in expanding Kuwait's boat-building industry and trading activities. Kuwait's maritime commerce boomed as a result. [6] The Indian trade routes to Baghdad, Aleppo and Smyrna were diverted to Kuwait between 1775 and 1779. [5][7] In 1792, the East India Company was diverted from India to Kuwait. [8] The East India Company secured sea routes linking Kuwait, India and the east coasts Africa. [8] Kuwait continued to draw trade away from Basra after the Persian withdrawal in 1779. [9]