Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo Expo, Brazil


Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo Expo, Brazil
Address: imigrantes Highway km 1.5 - Water Funda Sao Paulo - SP 04329-900 São Paulo, Brazil
Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo Expo, Brazil

Sao Paulo - Sao Paulo Expo, Brazil

São Paulo Expo | Site

WELCOME to SAO PAULO EXPO. CONGRESSES AND SEMINARS. EXHIBITIONS & TRADE SHOWS. CULTURAL & SOCIAL EVENTS. EVENTS THAT TAKE PLACE HERE. This is the country's most popular city for business tourism. 6th most searched destination for events in the globe(source: ICCA). More than 90 000 events annually (source: ICCA).

Modern venue that offers a unique experience to all attendees. It also has the infrastructure necessary for any type of event.

Targeted content for those who are looking for the perfect venue to host memorable events.

Enjoy a combination of comfort and special services to create a complete experience.

To make your visit more enjoyable, here are some itineraries.

It is known for its great deals and gastronomic diversity.

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