Johannesburg - Ticketpro Dome, South Africa

Venue Address: Northumberland Rd and Olievenhout Ave, North Riding, Northgate, Johannesburg, 2161 South Africa
Johannesburg - Ticketpro Dome, South Africa

Johannesburg - Ticketpro Dome, South Africa

Ticket Pro Dome – South Africa's premiere event destination

Farewell Ticketpro Dome1998 - 2021. South Africa's landmark event destination. What's\t\t\t\t\tOn. Ticketpro Dome to close... Which describes you?\t\t\t\t\tbest? What can we do to help?\t\t\t\t\tyou?

The Ticketpro Dome is a premier venue for entertainment and corporate events. The iconic dome-shaped venue can be viewed by travelers flying above Johannesburg and as far as Hartebeesport Cable Way.

The Ticketpro Dome is versatile and adaptable. It can be used for everything from comedy and concerts to trade and consumer shows, high-octane car shows, and chillingly stunning ice skating shows.

For more information about event diversity and exclusivity, please read on.

Northumberland Rd. and Olievenhout Ave NorthRiding Johannesburg 2162.

RX Venue Management, a subsidiary Reed Exhibitions (Pty) Ltd. manages the event.

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