Longarone - Longarone Fiere Srl, Italy

Venue Address: Via del Parco, 3, 32013 Longarone BL, Italy
Official Website: http://longaronefiere.it
Longarone - Longarone Fiere Srl, Italy

Il polo fieristico della Montagna | Centro Congressi - Longarone Fiere

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Longarone Fiere, the Dolomites' exhibition center, offers a variety of themes, including furniture, agriculture, and the forestry sector. It also includes tourist and leisure activities, as well as sport and agrifood. The collection can then be extended to collecting.

Longarone Fiere Dolomiti is today's showcase, for its themes, and as a functional point of commercial exchange with the Dolomites region and the North-East, Italy.

The Conference Center of Longarone Fiere, in the heart of the province of Belluno, is located in an excellent strategic position: at the foot of the Dolomites it is the meeting point for the whole Province and quickly reachable through the motorway network from all over the Veneto and the North East.

Via del Parco, 3.