Midrand - Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, South Africa

Venue Address: Cnr R55 &, Allandale Rd, Kyalami Estate, Midrand, 1684, South Africa
Midrand - Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, South Africa

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Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit - Refined Circuit. Revived Legacy. The Journey. International Convention Centre. Driver Training Facilities. Outdoor Exhibition Platforms. Exclusive Collectables.

The original circuit was built in 1961 and hosted 18 rounds of the F1 World Championship from 1967 until 1985. The circuit layout was changed in 1988 with only half of the original layout retained. This second version was active for a brief period. A new revised layout, which included a new pit building, was constructed in 1991 and again hosted Grand Prix rounds in 1992 and 1993. The facility continued to host local and international motorsport including various rounds of the World Superbike Championship and A1GP until 2010.

The facility began to lose its International status after this time and was placed up for auction in 2014. Motorsport fans both local and international breathed a sigh relief when the hammer fell on the 24th July 2014. Their optimism about the future was simple: a man who had a passion and saved the historic venue from imminent doom. Toby Venter, a respected and respected motor business entrepreneur, visionary, and successful race driver was behind the successful final bid.

The rest was history.
A comprehensive redevelopment plan was developed for the facility, which is the single.
The circuit has seen the largest upgrade in its 54-year history. These modifications included:
Complete resurfacing of circuit in accordance with international specifications.
The circuit layout and safety upgrades, as well as the improvement of all spectators.
Areas and major renovations of the pit building, which now includes international
Class venues and facilities Federation has certified the new Grand Prix circuit of 4.522 km.
International de l'Automobile, a Grade 2 track, is conforming to
strict international quality and safety standards. Kyalami is the sole.
The current motor racing facility in Africa has been established
With such a prestigious accreditation.