Rimini - Rimini Fiera SpA, Italy


Rimini - Rimini Fiera SpA, Italy
Address: Via Emilia 155 47921 Rimini RN Italy
Website: (http://iegexpo.it)
Rimini - Rimini Fiera SpA, Italy

Rimini - Rimini Fiera SpA, Italy

- Italian Exhibition Group


Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A. is a company that shares Euronext Milan. It is a regulated market managed and organized by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. Over the years, the structure of Rimini has been a national leader in the organization and management of trade fairs.

In six categories, the IEG Group is a leader in event organization: Food & Drink.

Access to the fair during exhibition events will be controlled in strict compliance with the current legislation. This is done to protect visitors, employees, suppliers, and companies.

We also created a safe and peaceful environment for trade fairs and conferences.

We have been organizing events, fairs and congresses for over 70 years in Italy and all around the globe.

IEG's reputation and credibility are crucial for international operations.

Italian Exhibition Group works in accordance with the needs of the communities it serves and contributes to their socio-economic and cultural development by applying the principles of legality and legitimacy, value of person, transparency, completeness of information and protection and care for the environment.

ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP SPA - Via Emilia 55, 47921 Rimini Italy (Italy). Register of companies Rimini C.F./P.I.