Johannesburg - Gallagher Convention Centre, South Africa

Venue Address: 19 Richards Dr, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685, South Africa
Official Website: https://gallagher.co.za/
Johannesburg - Gallagher Convention Centre, South Africa

Johannesburg - Gallagher Convention Centre, South Africa

Gallagher Convention Centre

You won't want to miss out on any upcoming events, competitions or special offers. Small (2 to 220 guests). Medium (250- 700 Guests). Large (700-7000 guests). The latest news from the blog. MamaMagic Baby Expo. Change in our approach to Safety and Health. Exco Expertise – Notable changes to the events. Gallagher Business Centre.

There are 27 venues that can be used for a wide range of events, including dinners, luncheons or cocktails, as well as private events. The property covers 32 hectares. Our clients and guests receive unmatched service and quality at Gallagher Convention Centre.

Gallagher Convention Centre offers many venue options. We can accommodate 2-200 guests in the small venue category.

Boardroom 5 (Video conferencing facilities).

Gallagher offers 27 venues to choose from for clients. We can cater to events up to 700 people in the medium venue category. The property has multiple venues that can be used for different types of events.

Gallagher Convention Centre has 27 multi-purpose venues available for clients. We can accommodate up to 7000 people in our large venue category. These large venues are used for gala dinners, year-end parties, special events, and the +/-30 exhibitions we host each year.

Gallagher Convention Centre hosts many events throughout the year.

Date: 25-27 Feb 2022In 2020, the number of exhibitors at the show was more than 90 %...

Date: 16-18 February 2022SARCDA Africa will be held from Wednesday 16 March 2022 to Friday 18 March 2022.