London - Saatchi Gallery, UK

Venue Address: Duke of York's HQ, Chelsea, London SW3, UK
Official Website: http://saatchigallery.com
London - Saatchi Gallery, UK

London - Saatchi Gallery, UK

Saatchi Gallery

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Celebrate the 150th anniversary of the jeweller in London with this extraordinary display featuring jewels, craftsmanship, and creativity in more than 400 objects.

Enjoy a fascinating journey through everything, from Tiffany's archival high jewellery designs to its famous window displays and the recently acquired Empire Diamond (over 80 carats) to important relics from popular culture like the original script from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Admission is free. It is highly recommended that you pre-book via the app.

Saatchi Gallery presents contemporary art exhibitions that showcase the work of emerging artists since 1985. Saatchi Gallery has become a global authority in contemporary art through its exhibitions that primarily used the Charles Saatchi collection. Saatchi Gallery gained a strong reputation for introducing artists that would gain international recognition. Saatchi Gallery was registered as a charity in 2019 and began a new chapter of its history.

Saatchi Gallery is a registered charity that provides a platform for contemporary art and culture. We support artists and make contemporary art available to everyone. We aim to make projects accessible in digital and physical spaces that are educational, engaging, and enlightening for all audiences.

Saatchi Gallery aims to work with artists in an honest and open way with the primary goal of introducing their work into a wider audience.