Salt Lake City - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Venue Address: Salt Lake City, Utah
Official Website: https://www.visitsaltlake.com/
Salt Lake City - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Salt Lake City Hotels, Restaurants, Events, Things to Do & Shopping

Just West of Conventional. Discover. SALTLA KE. Planning Your Salt Lake Trip. Discover a surprisingly diverse selection of culinary options. Attractions and Historic Sites

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You are invited to the place where ambition meets elevation. Modern city at the foot of majestic mountains. It is a place to open your mind and see the world with new perspectives. Salt Lake is a place where safety and travel are possible as restrictions disappear.

Salt Lake's restaurants, businesses and attractions are slowly opening, but cautiously, with strict health protocols. Social distancing? It's easy to be natural here with the beautiful outdoors just minutes away from downtown. We invite you to book your trip with us if you are ready to explore the world and discover a place that is different from ordinary. Salt Lake will help you find your place.

You can travel easily by rail, road and air to get West of Conventional when you are ready.

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Salt Lake City offers a lot of entertainment and adventure for families.

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