Paris - Espace Charenton, France


Paris - Espace Charenton, France
Address: 327 Rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris, France
Paris - Espace Charenton, France

Paris - Espace Charenton, France

Espace Charenton | Location de salles à Paris pour évènementiels

Espace Charenton Paris 12: Visit Espace Charenton.

For all your events, the Espace Charenton has 3000m2 available.

For all your events, the Espace Charenton has 3000m2 available.

After the FILMOLUX printing company relocated to Paris Intra Muros to expand, an area measuring 3000m2 was left vacant.

The Espace Charenton was created in December 2003 after a year of extensive work and many administrative procedures. It's a true consecration. While most spaces are located in the west, the opening on its east side creates a new space.

A policy of continuous improvement was established over the years. Each year, large-scale investments are made to \"upgrade\" the institution to eventually be one of the major centers for expo and.

Nearly 200,000 customers frequent the space annually. There are more than 300 events, ranging from congresses and trade fairs. Each organizer will discover a unique approach and personalization in this sector that is continually evolving.

Our team at Espace Charenton will set up your event on D-1.

As part of the rental of our rooms, we offer you a \"Pack - Turnkey\" pricing including an endowment of services and additional services (equipment/furniture/other).

All spaces can be equipped with a sound system, either standalone or in combination.

Ideal for conference lighting with dimmable LED panels.

Video projector Giant screens with a resolution of up to 4x3 metres.