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Ningbo - Ningbo, China

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Tang and Song dynasty[edit]. Republican era[edit]. Administrative structure and divisions[edit]. Foreign investment[edit]. Zones for technological and economic development[edit]. Ningbo Economic & Technological Development Zone[edit]. Ningbo Daxie Development Zone[edit]. Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone[edit].

Coordinates: 29deg51'37''N 121deg37'28''E / 29.8603degN 121.6245degE / 29.8603; 121.6245.

Ningbo (simplified Chinese pronunciation: Zhu Bo; traditional Chinese pronunciation: Zhu Bo; pinyin pronunciation: Ningbo), also known as Ningpo in the past, is a major sub-provincial capital city in northeast Zhejiang, People's Republic of China. It consists of 6 urban districts, 2 satellite cities-level cities and 2 rural counties, including several islands in Hangzhou Bay or the East China Sea. Ningbo, the center and core of the Ningbo Metropolitan Area, is the Yangtze Delta megalopolis' southern economic center [3]. [4] To Ningbo's north is Hangzhou Bay, which separates Shanghai from Ningbo. Zhoushan, in the East China Sea, lies to the east. Ningbo borders Shaoxing, Taizhou, and the west and south. The entire Ningbo City area was home to 9.4 million people (9,404,283) according to the 2020 Chinese National Census. [5] Of these, 4,479.635 lived within the metropolitan area (or built-up) made up of five urban districts. Cixi, Yunhao, and Fenghua will be conurbated within the next ten years, which will allow the Ningbo metro to reach 8,140,000.660 residents. [citation needed]