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Shenyang - Shenyang, China

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Manchu capital[edit]. Russian and Japanese influence[edit]. Warlord Era, Japanese occupation[edit]. Post-World War II[edit]. Administrative divisions[edit]. Shenhe District[edit]. Heping District[edit]. Dadong District[edit]. Huanggu District[edit]. Tiexi District[edit]. Hunnan District[edit]. Sujiatun District[edit].

Shenyang (UK /Sen’jaeNG/, US /Sn’jaNG/;[4] simplified Chinese : Chen Yang ; traditional Chinese : Shen Yang; Mandarin pronunciation : [[email protected]]), previously known as Fengtian (Chinese : Feng Tian) and the provincial capital in Liaoning province. It is located in central-north Liaoning and is the largest city in the province, with a population total of 9,070.093 people as of 2020. The city's resident population includes 4,521,021, which accounts for 49.85%, and 4,549,072, which accounts for 50.15%. The sex ratio (with 100 women, the ratio between men and women) of the total population dropped to 99.38 in the sixth national Census in 2010. Its metropolitan area, or built-up, which includes 8 Shenyang and 4 Fushun districts, housed 8,192,848 people in 2020. It is also the most populous city in Northeast China, with 7.49 millions people (2020 census). [7]

Shenyang is also home to the Greater Shenyang Metropolitan Area (a major megalopolise in China), which has a population of over 23 million. The administrative area of Shenyang includes the ten metro districts of Shenyang, the county-level City of Xinmin and two counties, Kangping, Faku, and Faku.