Grand Rapids - Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Venue Address: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Grand Rapids - Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Find Income Tax information. Request waste services. Start water and sewer services. Host an event in the city. Report Trash in the Street or an Alley. Reserve a park facility. Next neighbor engagement and Commission Night Out meetings set. GR launches Tech Week, recognized as a best city to start tech careers.

See deadlines, file taxes, and find forms for individuals, employers, and withholders.

Grpayit can be used to pay your water bills, waste services and parking tickets. It also allows you to borrow money.

Do you need someone to take care of your trash removal? We'll take care of all your waste needs.

Did you recently move or purchase a new home? Apply to start your new services.

Are you looking to host an event here in Grand Rapids We can help you find the right venue and plan your event.

Are you seeing illegal trash or dumping on the streets? This is the place to report it.

Are you aware of a Grand Rapids pothole? This is the place to report it.

Are you interested in hosting an activity or event at a City park You can reserve a park for your seating or activity needs.

* Tuesday, October 18 (Third Ward), and November 1 (Second Ward) will see the next resident engagement. SE, Grand Rapids (MI 49507* November 1, GRPS University at 1400 Fuller Ave. NE Grand Rapids MI 49505.

The City of Grand Rapids SmartZone, The Right Place, Midwest House, and its tech partners launch the inaugural Tech Week Grand Rapids today having recently being recognized as one of the four best cities in America to start a tech career. Yahoo Finance cited Grand Rapids as one of the best cities to start a career in technology.