Cleveland - Cleveland, OH, USA

Venue Address: Cleveland, OH, USA
Official Website: https://www.clevelandohio.gov/
Cleveland - Cleveland, OH, USA

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The COVID-19 vaccine will be administered at several locations in the City by the Cleveland Department of Public Health. We now offer vaccines for children aged 5-11 years old. For more information about the upcoming vaccination opportunities, please see the flyers.

The City seeks to partner with a company that is experienced in civilian oversight training programs, similar to the Community Police Commission. It is necessary to develop a training program for commissioners that teaches them about the many powers and duties outlined under Charter Section 115-5. The new CPC's early stages will require partners to be able to understand Cleveland's history of police reform and accountability, and to dedicate themselves to its success.

Weather permitting, the City of Cleveland will continue its Residential Resurfacing Program in Ward 14 during the week of September 26, 2022. Public notice signs will be placed to inform the public about road improvements.

These streets will be completed by October 2022.

During the week of September 19, 2022, weather permitting, the City will begin brick restoration on Governor Avenue between West 117th Street and West 105th Street. A complete closure is not expected to occur. No on-street parking will be permitted for the duration of the project. Work is expected to complete by the end of October 2022.