Moscow - Latah County Fair Office, ID, USA

Venue Address: 1021 Harold Ave, Moscow, ID 83843, United States
Moscow - Latah County Fair Office, ID, USA

Moscow - Latah County Fair Office, ID, USA

Events Center Information

Information about Events Center. Grange Building Meeting Room. Request for Event Space Rental.

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Latah county events center will charge you rental fees and penalty fees. You agree to the Latah County Events Center rental terms. Follow the Events Center Building Use Guidelines. Use only designated parking areas. Do not park on the lawns. For the construction of structures, buildings, tents, or signs, you must obtain prior approval from the County. It is forbidden to drill, paint, nail or otherwise alter the appearance or function of walls, doors, lights, or electrical systems. All property must be removed at the end. All items left behind will be returned to the County. All laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of the state and local fire departments must be followed. Furnish security at its own cost if necessary to protect property. The renter must provide a Certificate of Insurance to County, which names Latah County as additional insured. If requested, the renter must pay a security deposit. Cancellations of large rooms and/or weekend events within 60- 30 days of reservation will be charged 50%. Less than 30 days before the reservation is due, 75% of the Cost of Reservation will be charged as a cancellation fee.

Allow the Renter to use the space to exhibit, sell, solicit, or operate their business within the boundaries of the leased space. Renter agrees to use reasonable precautions to prevent fire, theft and accidents. However, Renter is not responsible for any damage to goods or property due to fire, theft or storm. Renter also cannot assume liability for any injuries or damages caused by or resulting from the apparitions of Renter under the contract. Any and all property used, stored or found on the Fairgrounds by Renter shall be subject to a lien. The Renter may also have the right to seize any such property without a court order and to take any of such as it owns to satisfy any claim.