Boulder - Boulder County Fairgrounds, CO, USA


Boulder - Boulder County Fairgrounds, CO, USA
Address: 9595 Nelson Rd, Longmont, CO 80501, United States
Boulder - Boulder County Fairgrounds, CO, USA

Boulder - Boulder County Fairgrounds, CO, USA

Campground - Boulder County

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Boulder County has implemented Level 1 Fire Restrictions.

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This campground is convenient and offers year-round camping facilities for RV and camper visitors to Boulder County fairgrounds or simply passing through.

Reservations are not accepted at the campground. The campground is open to all who are interested.

All paid campers have access to the facilities from March through October.

Camping is only permitted on the Fairgrounds campground. All other open spaces properties are prohibited from camping.

Recreation.gov has information about camping on public lands that are not managed by Boulder County.

9595 Nelson RoadLongmont, CO 80501Map and Directions.

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