Syracuse - Carrier Dome, NY, USA


Syracuse - Carrier Dome, NY, USA
Address: 900 Irving Ave, Syracuse, NY 13244, United States
Syracuse - Carrier Dome, NY, USA

Syracuse - Carrier Dome, NY, USA

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A good way to lift your spirits is to raise your voice, especially at the stadium. We are fueled by 20 NCAA Division 1 women's and men's athletic teams. This gives us an unmistakable spirit.

It is home to the Syracuse Orange basketball, football and lacrosse teams. The stadium has hosted some of the most memorable concerts and championships in the region. Since its opening, the building has seen more than 18 million people pass through its doors.

The Stadium is often buzzing with excitement weeks before the game. Students line up in freezing temperatures to get front row seats. This group of passionate student fans, led by Otto's Army's passion, displays a level of dedication almost unmatched in college sports. While every university has a student section there are few that have an organization to make sure the section is as fun, fair, and loud as possible.

Check out the Fan Zone to see scores and schedules.

Otto's Army, Syracuse University's official student section is recognized. It works in partnership with Syracuse Athletics and the Stadium to make every game great.

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