Charleston - Charleston Music Hall, SC, USA

Venue Address: 37 John St, Charleston, SC 29403, United States
Charleston - Charleston Music Hall, SC, USA

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Charleston Music Hall – OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

The Charleston Music Hall, located centrally in Historic Downtown Charleston's Upper King Street district, is a great venue for all types of shows. The Hall is located right next to three highly acclaimed restaurants and two award-winning hotels. This, combined with the three public parking garages and popular shopping areas within two blocks of The Hall, creates the ideal Charleston setting for any occasion.

This versatile space combines historical elegance with modern functionality. Above all else, the Music Hall is a listening room; an intimate environment in which the audience and the artist can interact on a more personal level. In this space, that boasts the best acoustics in town, there literally is not a bad seat in the house.

The Charleston Music Hall is dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences and promoting the best local, regional and national music and entertainment acts. We aim to be a national leader in diverse programming, community engagement, and leadership in the communities we live in. We hope to be a valuable artistic resource for Charleston and the surrounding area. Our venue is safe and welcoming. We aim to create a better dialogue between artist and audience. We also strive to achieve the highest artistic achievements while exploring new creative frontiers.

A living theatre must possess five essential characteristics: - It must be identifiable as an entity and organism, in the same way that you recognize a person by certain traits of personality and physical presence that mark a personal existence. It must be able to maintain its basic elements. It could be a permanent place, leadership, repertory, idea or company; however, they must have something that is solid and rooted in the transitory theatre world where performers die each day as they are set up, performed through, and struck. It must be able to grow and progress in both its permanent and impermanent aspects. Because time is unpredictable and must adapt with it, It must have the ability to generate, or the element of renewal within it, which can be used to bring new strength from a younger, more stable world. It must also have an objective that is fundamentally theatre-related. The leader of a good theatre shouldn't be able to make money, power or gain preferment. These are side effects of theatre success and not essential theatre goals. They must be linked to the performance and exaltation of theatre's inherent power of entertainment, persuasion, edification and exaltation.