South Wales - Emery Park, New York, USA

Venue Address: 2084 Emery Rd, South Wales, NY 14139, United States
South Wales - Emery Park, New York, USA

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\"Considered to be the most unusual park that combines natural beauty with solitude.\".

The park offers a natural environment for family gatherings. One of our nature trails was constructed by our Park Rangers and is approximately one mile long.

Butternut, Tamarack and Norway Spruce are some of the other species. There are also ferns, moss/lichens and thistle.

White Tail Deer, Rabbits and Skunks, Raccoons and Raccoons.

Walk along the Cazenovia Creek's lush greenery or take a self-guided, mapped nature hike. Our shelters are perfect for picnicking and grilling. The playground is a favorite spot for kids. They can also play ball on one of the 6 tennis courts or bicycle along the paved roads.

After a day of snowshoeing or skiing, relax in the warm fireplaces at the lodge. The snowmobile trails are marked. Magic Carpet for downhill skiing and snowboarding is open Wednesday-Friday 3:00PM - 7:00PM and Saturday/Sunday/Holidays 10:00AM - 7:00PM when conditions allow. You can check the Winter Sports Page daily for updates on winter sports/activities.

Josiah Emery owned 175 acre of land in Aurora. His descendants have lived and worked there for more than one hundred years. Emery Park was created in 1925 when the Parks Commission bought the land from Helen B. Emery. Emery Park was home to many attractions, including a rock garden and amphitheater with 600 seats, formal gardens, a stone arch footbridge, and Emery Inn. The Emery Inn was established in 1926. It is now a museum and restaurant, but was once the home of the Emery family. The Park has sixty-nine structures. 95% of these structures were built before 1935. Emery Park is now a 457.5-acre park.