Lincoln - Nebraska Innovation Campus, Nebraska, USA


Lincoln - Nebraska Innovation Campus, Nebraska, USA
Address: 2021 Transformation Dr, Lincoln, NE 68508, United States
Lincoln - Nebraska Innovation Campus, Nebraska, USA

Lincoln - Nebraska Innovation Campus, Nebraska, USA

Nebraska Innovation Campus

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The Nebraska Innovation Campus (NIC), a campus that facilitates new and deeper partnerships between the University of Nebraska, private sector companies, and other universities in Nebraska, is a campus. It's the place where big ideas are built, where hard work meets imagination, and collaboration yields great results. NIC gives you and your company access to culture, talent, and resources.

Adjuvance is the next generation in adjuvants at NIC.

You have many benefits when you call NIC home. These are just a few:.

Incorporate your team into a culture of innovation and collaboration that encourages the exchange of ideas and promotes synergistic growth.

Get connected to research partners, skilled employees, and motivated students. You have the possibility to collaborate with a range of partners on our campus, which is located in close proximity of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Affiliate employees of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln get access to UNL libraries and faculty connections, as well as access to facilities and other benefits.

Fully-service conference center offering multi-functional meeting and collaboration spaces.