Washington DC - The National Press Club, USA


Washington DC - The National Press Club, USA
Address: SPIN Washington DC
Washington DC - The National Press Club, USA

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The World's Leading Professional Organization for Journalists (tm). Washington's premier venue for hosting events. State-of-the-Art Multimedia Production Studios. NPC Luncheon: SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher. Why Murrow Matters. The Reliable Source Bar and Grill. Open for lunch Monday through FridayEvery Friday, Taco & Taco Night!

Drescher, the 'Nanny Star' says that healthier lifestyles can help curb spiralling health care costs.

Dr. Anthony Fauci will update media about COVID-19, April 29,.

The New Club Scholarship diversifies DC Journalism Internships with $4,000 stipends and free housing.

Casey Murrow, Edward R. Murrow’s son, is an honorary NPC member. Marvin Kalb was Murrow’s last CBS correspondent.

Open to members only, the Club's gathering place is now open! Please click below to see details and make reservations.

The National Press Club's annual journalism awards aim to honor and recognize professional journalists who have done outstanding work for the public as either employees or independent.

Online ordering of food and drinks, as well Club exclusive items.

The National Press Club Journalism Institute supports journalism in the public interest by providing training and support to journalists all over the country. The Institute is a non-profit affiliate of the National Press Club and offers online education programs, a daily industry newsletter, weekly writing communities, and many other services.