Blaine - National Sports Center, USA


Blaine - National Sports Center, USA
Address: NSC Minnesota Stars
Blaine - National Sports Center, USA

National Sports Center | Blaine, Minnesota

Blaine, Minnesota. THE WORLD'S LARGEST SPORTS FACILITY FOR AMATEURS. The National Sports Center is open to you. Mask Up Minnesota! DONATE TO THE NATIONAL SPORTS CENTER Feed for https://blog.nscsports.org/feed/. More than Four Million Visitors annually. Minnesota United FC.

Make a difference in Minnesota youth sports! The National Sports Center needs your help! To make a difference, click the link below!

Are you returning to campus? Check out our safety plan.

It is easy to wear a mask. Nearly everyone can do this. We can keep safe if we combine this with other safety measures, such as staying at least six feet away, washing our hands frequently, and staying home whenever possible. Click here to view the National Sports Center's policy on masks.

The National Sports Center Foundation is a 501(c),3 non-profit organization that seeks donations to keep the doors open and to continue running programs and events that have an annual impact of over $89 Million.

The COVID-19 pause in sport activities has a huge impact on youth sports, which is worth $20 billion. Because many sports are seasonal, rescheduling practices or games can be difficult. The state government will not bail out the National Sports Center. This would mean that the State of Minnesota and the City of Blaine will miss millions of dollars in economic impact from thousands of visitors to the campus.

The National Sports Center is a special place that we must hold dear to our hearts. The National Sports Center has provided a unique multisport facility complex for Minnesota that has been an integral part of Minnesota's sporting history over the years. It has produced 30 years worth of intangible memories.