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The twin-engined light bomber Martin 187 Baltimore was built in the United States by Glenn L. Martin Company. It was also known as the A-30. The French ordered the model in May 1940 to replace the Martin Maryland that was in French service. The production series was moved to Great Britain after the fall of France and, in mid-1941, it was supplied by the United States as Lend Lease equipment.

The development of the Baltimore was hampered by several problems. However, the type became a versatile combat plane. The Baltimore was produced in large numbers but was never used operationally by the United States Armed Forces. However, it served alongside the British, Canadian and Australian air forces, as well as the Hellenic, South African, Hellenic, and the Italian air force. It was used almost exclusively in World War II's Middle East and Mediterranean theatres.

Initially called the A-23 (derived form the A-22 Martin 167 Maryland design), Model 187 was a company designation. It had a deeper fuselage, more powerful engines and a wider fuselage. The Model 187 was a light-to medium bomber that met the requirements of the Anglo-French Purchasing Commission, which originally ordered it as a joint project in May 1941. 400 aircraft were ordered by the French Air Force to replace the Maryland. The order was taken over by the Royal Air Force (RAF), which gave it the service title Baltimore. The designation A-30 of the United States Army Air Forces was given to enable the aircraft to be delivered to the British under the Lend-Lease Act. [a] Two additional batches of 575 and 600 were then provided to the RAF by the Lend Lease Act.