Richmond - The Craneway Pavilion, USA


Richmond - The Craneway Pavilion, USA
Address: 1496-1498 Harbour Way S, Richmond, California, 94804
Richmond - The Craneway Pavilion, USA

Richmond - The Craneway Pavilion, USA

- The Craneway Pavilion

The Craneway Pavilion, a 45,000 sq ft venue designed sustainably and located in San Francisco Bay, is the Craneway Pavilion. Visit Our Facility. Views Navigation and Search for Events Views Navigation for Event Views Historical Location. Restaurant & Catering.

Craneway Pavilion is located on 25 acres of waterfront property. It offers a breathtaking view of San Francisco's Bay and environs. This stunning panorama is only matched by the impressive architecture and high-end amenities inside.

The spacious and open layout makes it the perfect location for corporate meetings, product launches or speaking engagements.

Our team will assist you in creating an unforgettable, high-quality experience that your guests will never forget. Our staff has full production capabilities and a wide network of outstanding vendor partners. They will inspire your creativity, encourage you to be bold, and help all parties think creatively, dexterously, and with a holistic view of success. Craneway Pavilion's success is fully integrated with that of our clients. Let your imagination guide you.

Craneway Pavilion, which is as state-of the-art and historic as it is historical, is a 45,000-square-foot venue located in an architecturally significant Ford Assembly Plant. It dates back to 1931. An adjoining 20,000-square-foot open-air patio allows for seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Craneway's amenities and atmosphere make it a great place to host special events, meetings, and cultural highlights. It is as memorable as San Francisco Bay Area.