Fort Worth - Ft Worth Convention Center, USA

Venue Address: 12th St, Fort Worth, Texas, 76102
Fort Worth - Ft Worth Convention Center, USA

Fort Worth - Ft Worth Convention Center, USA

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Fort Worth Convention Center, formerly Tarrant County Convention Center, is an indoor arena and convention center located in Sundance Square, Fort Worth. It opened in September 1968 and was further expanded in 2003, 2002, and 2003. [2][3]

In 1961, county officials proposed the complex as a rival to the Dallas Convention Center. It was approved by the council in 1967. To make way for the new facility, 14 city blocks were demolished (previously known under \"Hell's Half Acre\"). It is known for its indoor arena that resembles a flying saucer. The complex was renamed the Fort Worth Convention Center in 1997 after the City of Fort Worth bought the properties and facilities. The JFK Theatre was torn down in 2000 to make way for Water Garden Events Plaza. The city proposed in 2014 to demolish the old arena as an additional space for meetings. [4]

Fort Worth's City Council confirmed plans to demolish Convention Center's Arena in January 2020. This included straightening Commerce Street and building a 1,000-seat hotel. There was also the possibility of adding more than 50,000 square feet exhibit space. The groundbreaking is expected to take place in 2022 or 2023. [5]

Elvis Presley performed there June 18, 1972. He performed there again on June 15, and 16, 1974. Each day, he did an evening and afternoon show. He was back on June 3rd and July 3rd 1976. [6]