Columbus - Ohio Expo Center & State Fair, USA

Venue Address: Ohio Expo Center & State Fair
Official Website: https://ohioexpocenter.com/
Columbus - Ohio Expo Center & State Fair, USA

Columbus - Ohio Expo Center & State Fair, USA

Ohio Expo Center – The Ohio Expo Center is a diverse event venue and facility, home to more than 200 events each year.

Voinovich Livestock & Trade Center. Event space of 70,000 sq. ft., permanent seating for 1,400, and updated lighting. Larger, more flexible and convenient 3.5 acres under one roof with 20-foot ceilings. More than 52,000 sq. ft. Seating capacity for 7,000

Any public area where there are people is at risk for exposure to COVID-19. COVID-19 can cause severe illness or death and is highly contagious. Guests are advised to assess their health before they attend. You understand the risks and accept them when you enter the Ohio Expo Center & State Fair property. If you contract COVID-19, the Ohio Expositions Commission is not liable. Follow safety protocols and comply with local and state public health mandates to protect yourself.

The Ohio Expo Center, now the Ohio State Fair's permanent home, was established in 1886. The acquisition of more 100 acres of land near a major Columbus railroad intersection culminated in years of planning. It included a half-mile track, a grandstand seating 5,000, a main exhibition building to display machinery, and several small lakes. There were also dozens of barns that could hold 448 horses, 406 head of cattle, 400 sheep, and 450 hogs.

The Ohio Expo Center, one of the Midwest's most unique and dynamic venues for events, is a great place to be. It is located in the heart Columbus on 360 acres. The center is just a half-hour drive from half of the country's population.