Doha - Katara Multi-Purpose Hall, Qatar


Doha - Katara Multi-Purpose Hall, Qatar
Address: قرية كتارا الثقافية
Doha - Katara Multi-Purpose Hall, Qatar

Doha - Katara Multi-Purpose Hall, Qatar

About Katara

Katara is the meaning of the name. Social Responsibility:

The Cultural Village Foundation is an extraordinary project that hopes for human interaction through art, cultural exchange, and was made possible by the visionary, strong faith, and wise leadership of HHSheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani (the Father Emir of Qatar).

Katara Cultural Village, Qatar's largest cultural project, is in line with emerging global cultures that emphasize the importance of diversity for human development. It's a place where people can come together to learn about the different cultures around the globe. Katara is a leader in multi-cultural activities, with beautiful theatres, concert halls and exhibition galleries.

Katara is a guardian of Qatar's heritage and traditions and works to raise awareness about the value of all cultures and civilizations. Katara hosts festivals, workshops, and exhibitions that are international, regional, and local in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Katara was born from a long-held vision to position Qatar as a cultural beacon and a lighthouse of arts, radiating throughout the Middle East through theatres, literature, visual art, conventions, and exhibitions.

This village will be a glimpse into the future where people from different cultures embrace common causes and transcend national borders to create a world that promotes unity.

Katara is where grace and splendour meet in the present.

\"Catara\", the oldest and most prominent name for the Qatar Peninsula on historical and geographic maps, has been in use since the year 150 AD. The map that Claudius Ptolemaeus, a geographer, drew in 150 AD was published in 882 AD -1477 AD. Later, it was published in the Historical Atlas of Islam. It identified the Arabian Peninsula peoples in the middle of second century AD. It also gave the geographic location of Qatar Peninsula as Catara, North West Gerra, or near it. Also, Cadara was to its west.