Grand Junction - Two Rivers Convention Center, USA

Venue Address: Two Rivers Convention Center
Grand Junction - Two Rivers Convention Center, USA

Grand Junction Convention Center, Grand Junction, Colorado |

Upcoming Events in Grand Junction Colorado Cody Johnson and Friends. To accommodate your event's size, our Colorado River rooms can be converted into one, two, or three ballrooms. Our Creek rooms can be expanded to accommodate your event or meeting in six rooms. They are located on the south side of Grand Junction Convention Center.

Cody Johnson is on TourCountry troubadour Cody Johnson puts as much effort into making his concerts a straight-from-the-heart experience as he does with his recordings. He tells it that this is the only way he knows how to operate. The road warrior is supported by his band, which has helped him build his following one at a time.

Joshua Owen, a Florida native, dreamed of being a country music star before he was injured in a wakeboarding accident. Owen couldn't stop playing golf and had to have reconstructive surgery. He borrowed a neighbor’s guitar and started learning how to play. He eventually played country covers in bars, before writing his own.

Travis Tritt, a well-known country singer, has provided a healthy dose mainstream country music with southwestern influences to ticket holders across the country since 1990's arrival with \"Country Club\". He was the only star without hat (consider his peers Garth Brooks and Clint Black, for example), but he...

Grand Junction Convention Center has launched an aggressive program that involves total commitment to special event and convention industry. Grand Junction Convention Center understands that special events and conventions require more than pipe and drape.