Lansing - Lansing Center, USA


Lansing - Lansing Center, USA
Address: City Market Dr, Lansing, Michigan, 48912
Lansing - Lansing Center, USA

Lansing Center

Lansing Center: What's new? Services and venues. Why choose a lansing centre? Buy Event Tickets. Beautiful banquet and ballroom facilities. Lansing Center Sponsors Keep up-to-date with what's going on at Lansing Center

Lansing Center is located in Lansing Michigan. We are your one-stop shop for amazing events. We offer space of any size and all the services you could need in downtown Lansing.

We offer fully customizable menus that can be customized to please you and your guests.

We are proud to provide outstanding service for our clients.

Find the perfect room set for your event.

You can enhance your event with the latest audio/visual equipment. This includes a variety of whiteboards, lifts, projectors and audio packages.

Lansing Center, 333 E. Michigan Avenue Lansing MI 48933Telephone: 517-483-7400 Fax 517-483-739 Finance Office Fax 517-483-743 Finance Office Fax 517-483-77423.

Member and Partner of Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau.

LEPFA, Lansing Entertainment & Public Facilities Authority manages Lansing Center. All rights reserved.

ADA Guidelines.