Lexington - Lexington Center, USA

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Lexington - Lexington Center, USA
Lexington - Lexington Center, USA


“Successful recovery comes with a loving circle of support.”. Lexington is in its 4th decade of providing community-based substance use treatment services to all those affected no matter when or where the need arises. “Our Goal is to offer a program of recovery which respects the dignity and individuality of each person affected by substance use disorder.”.

Lexington Center for Recovery (LCR), is the largest provider for substance abuse and alcoholism treatment in the Hudson Valley. There are several outpatient treatment facilities in the area.

Since 1982, we have served over 50,000 people and offer 13 programs in Dutchess and Rockland counties.

Lexington has programs in Westchester County, Rockland County and Dutchess Counties for all people affected by substance abuse and misuse.

Lexington serves Dutchess County and surrounding areas. There are four locations in Poughkeepsie (2) and Wappingers Falls. Dover also has the Dutchess Opioid Treatment Program.

Lexington serves Rockland and the surrounding New York area with two clinics in Airmont, Haverstraw and Rockland Opioid Treatment Program at Valley Cottage.

Lexington serves Westchester and the surrounding area with three clinics in New Rochelle and Mount Kisco, as well as the Lexington Opioid Treatment Program (Peekskill).

Lexington has programs in Westchester County, Rockland, and Dutchess Counties that serve all people affected by substance abuse and misuse.

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