London - London Convention Centre, Canada

Venue Address: London Convention Centre
Official Website: https://rbcplacelondon.com/
London - London Convention Centre, Canada

| RBC Place London

LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Christmas at our Place - November 26. Google Business View. London Ontario N6B 1P8 Canada.

RBC Place London is situated on the traditional territory the Anishinaabek and Haudenosaunees, Huron-Wendts, Attawandaron, Lenape Indigenous Peoples. This territory is included in the Upper Canada Treaties. Treaty 6 (London Township Treaty) covers it.

Take a look around our beautiful renovated facility.

RBC Place London is committed to providing safe space for events and will continue working with clients to plan and implement their events within the parameters set by the London and Middlesex Health Unit and other levels of Government. RBC Place London currently operates at 100% capacity and has no restrictions for events.

RBC Place London believes in providing the best experience possible for guests. It's about connecting to friends, colleagues, and the community.

It’s about sharing your ideas and learning from one another.

It's all about having fun while doing it.

RBC Place London was opened in 1993 by the City of London. It has a reputation for providing top-notch service to everyone who visits it. We aim to please guests with every act. Our continued success in creating raving fans is proof of this. Our flexible, friendly facility, which covers 70,000 square feet, will make a lasting impression on how you see other facilities.

London is designated as Canada’s first UNESCO City of Music. Read More.