Quebec - ExpoCite, Canada


Quebec - ExpoCite, Canada
Address: Beaumont, Québec
Quebec - ExpoCite, Canada

ExpoCité | The biggest event venue in Eastern Canada

This is the largest event venue in Eastern Canada. These events are not to be missed. Programmation du Grand Marche Les Cowboys Fringants. ExpoCite - Choose the venue that best suits your needs. Experience Le Grand Marche's delicious flavors. ExpoCite is your opportunity to exhibit

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ExpoCite is a place where you can expect to have a spectacular experience. ExpoCite hosts over 400 activities each year and attracts more than 2 million people every year. It is the perfect place to attend large or small events in Quebec City.

ExpoCite can help you plan a big event or a smaller one.

Le Grand Marche, inspired by the most stunning markets in the world, is now the must-see gourmet destination in the Greater Quebec City area.

The Videotron Centre features a high-energy program of events, including live acts and other international-calibre sports, cultural and artistic events.

ExpoCite is easily accessible, no matter if you travel by foot, bike, bus, or car.

ExpoCite is active in Quebec City's influence by providing venues for diverse events.