Perm - Exhibition center Perm Fair, Russia

Venue Address: Komsomol'skiy Prospekt, 10, Perm, Perm Krai, Russia, 614045
Official Website: http://cvzperm.ru/
Perm - Exhibition center Perm Fair, Russia

Центральный выставочный зал г. Пермь

Central Exhibition Hall.

What can a woman do to endure both the trials and the joys?

Recently, an exhibit of Anna Barskaya, a Perm artist, was held within the walls at Other Circles.

The lecture will be entitled \"About the Women of the Art World\", and it will be held this Thursday at the Red Corner exhibition.

Friends, we are happy to share with you the pictures of the Red Corner exhibition from our permanent photographer and great friend Tatyana Tobolova https://vk.com/album-127350741_287235246.

The Central Exhibition Hall will be closed on Saturday, September 24th for technical reasons.

We will continue to introduce participants to the Red Corner project, and their work.