Lisbon - Convento do Beato, Portugal


Lisbon - Convento do Beato, Portugal
Address: Alameda do Beato 40, 1950-042 Lisboa, Portugal
Lisbon - Convento do Beato, Portugal

Lisbon - Convento do Beato, Portugal

Convento do Beato - Events that make history

History is made up of events.

Convento's history goes back to the 16th Century. It was originally a Convent for monks, but it was converted to industrial use and later became \"Heritage of Public Interest\". Convento do Beato is the home of many memorable events since 1989.

Convento do Beato has a rich historical heritage, highlighted mainly by the Cloister's dazzling arches. The Venue has been updated with all modern improvements in order to meet the highest standards.

It is without a doubt the best venue in Lisbon to host events! Convento do Beato is a beautiful venue with a high-quality infrastructure and a professional staff. Everything goes smoothly. Convento do Beato is the perfect place for newlyweds and for companies looking to celebrate with their employees!We are glad you are back!

Convento do Beato is the ideal venue for all events, regardless of their size. This unique space allows galas and award ceremonies, fairs, as well as other events, to shine.

It is my favorite sentence when a client asks me to check if Beato is available.Beato is a guarantee of a balanced, well-executed event. It is harmonious and balanced, so the correct word is \"balance\". Convento's team is very grateful and I look forward to your reopening soon.

Convento do Beato has been my venue for events for 10 years.It's a landmark in Portugal's events section thanks to the Venue and its excellence team.