Erbil - Erbil International Fairground, Iraq

Venue Address: سامي عبد الرحمن متنزه
Official Website: https://erbilfair.com/
Erbil - Erbil International Fairground, Iraq

- EIF - Erbil International Fairgrounds

Egyptian products fair. Erbil International Book Fair. Egyptian products fair. Erbil International Book Fair. Erbil International Fair Company (EIFC). Sending a letter of support. Facilitate entrance of goods. Invite Regional government representative. Preparation the fair. Preparation of opening ceremony hall.

The idea of holding exhibitions in the land of Kurdistan of Iraq in 2005 started as a result of non-viability of the Baghdad International Fair for its normal time because of security conditions and the use of exhibitions of Iraqi neighbouring states and foreign countries by the regional government felt that it was the first establishment of such exhibitions on the land of Iraq and create an appropriate atmosphere to identify the foreign investors and Arab businessmen to invest in Kurdistan, Iraq and to make Kurdistan a starting point for the reconstruction of Iraq as a whole.

In 2008 the Erbil permanent member of the International Union of International Fair became Exhibitions (UFI).

Sending a support letter to the Ministry of Interior of Kurdistan
Exhibitions are managed by the regional government.

Facilitate entry of goods, commodities, machineries, and equipment
The fair participants will be able to address related issues through their participation
Customs Authorities to Facilitate Entry of They Visa Border Points
belonging to Kurdistan Region Government.

Invite Regional government representative, central government representatives, institutions, establishments and businessmen to attend the fair.