Prague - Prague Exhibition Grounds, Czech Republic


Prague - Prague Exhibition Grounds, Czech Republic
Address: Výstaviště 416, 170 00, Bubeneč, Praha 7, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Prague - Prague Exhibition Grounds, Czech Republic

Prague - Prague Exhibition Grounds, Czech Republic

Prague Exhibition Grounds (Výstaviště Praha) - Prague.eu

Prague Exhibition Grounds.

The Exhibition Grounds have a rich history and a beautiful location in the centre of the city, near Stromovka Park. They were constructed for the Jubilee Exhibition of 1891. Every year, they host more than 50 exhibitions, trade fairs, and many other cultural and entertainment events.

21. 5. 2022 - 22. 5. 2022Bohemia's most popular and largest event.

28. 5. 2022 - 29. 5. 2022The largest Czech motoring event, which connects AUTOSALON and MOTOSALON...

23. 6. 2022 - 25. 6. 2022Metronome Festival Prague was the first major pop/rock festival...

26. 6. 2022 Prague Ice Cream Festival: A unique feast for all ice cream lovers

20. 8. 2022 - 21. 8. 2022Prague Exhibition Grounds hosts a meeting for tea lovers. Inspiration from the...

2. 9. 2022 - 4. 9. 2022Two-day cultural and food festivalA burger these days is...

Construction of Exhibition Grounds (Vystaviste). In the late 19th-century revivalist efforts aimed to the Czech identity culminated. The Jubilee Czech Exhibition was an opportunity how to present industrial success and industrial primacy. It was held in Prague in 1891 as the General Jubilee Exhibition, which was a celebration of the coronation Leopold II. Bohemian king). Bohemian king. Prague was flooded in September 1890 by a devastating flood that also severely damaged the Charles Bridge and flooded the exhibition grounds. The exhibition's opening was delayed due to the fact that the wooden fence was damaged when it collided with unfinished structures. The Director of Prvni Ceskomoravska, Mr. Novotny, assured that the company would complete its task on time and set an example for other companies. They also often did work at a lower price than usual because they were honored to be part of this project.