Brno - Brno Exhibition Centre, Czech Republic


Brno - Brno Exhibition Centre, Czech Republic
Address: Výstaviště 405/1, 603 00 Brno-střed, Czechia
Website: (http://www.bvv.cz/)
Brno - Brno Exhibition Centre, Czech Republic

Brno - Brno Exhibition Centre, Czech Republic

Veletrhy Brno | Jednička ve střední Evropě - Veletrhy Brno

The planned fairs will not be affected by the operation of the Assistance Center for Refugees.

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We believe so.

This exhibition offers a unique insight into ancient Egypt's history.

This exhibition tells the story of a young Egyptian pharaoh exactly 100 years after the incredible discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. It is a remarkable way to remember the moment.

On an area of over 2,000m2, you will find more than 1000 exhibits, graphics, and videos.

The exhibition has attracted more than 6 million people around the globe.

Majales is still a great place.

The jubilee of this year.

Insgesamt i.

At the ceremony.

This congress is the largest in domestic.

More information and registration for the congress on the website of the event organizer http://www.cksonline.cz/30-vyrocni-sjezd-cks/.


Animefest 2022 marks the 17th anniversary of the Czech's largest festival for Japanese traditional and modern culture, anime, comics, and cosplay.


MINERALS BRNO is the Czech Republic's largest mineralogical event.

A GRAND PRIX VIINEX public wine tasting will be held in pavilion Z.

We expect to see both traditional and new exhibitors in May 2022. Additionally, we plan an accompanying program that will be available for families with young children.