Nicosia - CyprusExpo, Cyprus

Venue Address: Ilia Papakiriakou, Nicosia, Cyprus
Nicosia - CyprusExpo, Cyprus

ExpoCyprus, Nicosia Cyprus

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The Cyprus State Fairs Authority was established as a semi-government organization in 1968. It is governed by a Board of Directors that has been appointed by the Council of Ministers. The CSFA organises and promotes the annual Cyprus International Fair. International companies use Cyprus to promote their products on the markets in neighboring countries. In this context, and to increase the efforts of local and international firms to penetrate the Middle East and East European markets, the Cyprus State Fairs Authority (the official organizer of fairs or exhibitions in Cyprus) organizes a number exhibitions each year with hundreds of people from around the globe. The CSFA also organizes conferences that provide a platform for discussing and seeing the latest developments.

The Cyprus State Fairs Authority organizes its own exhibitions and rents its facilities out to third parties, including Exhibition, Seminar, Congress, and other Event organizers. This is done to make the island attractive to both local and international visitors, especially those who are looking to mix business and pleasure. The CSFA collaborates closely with other government departments and bodies, such as the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Employers and Industrialists Federation, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.