Rio de Janeiro - Pier Maua, Brazil


Rio de Janeiro - Pier Maua, Brazil
Address: Av. Rodrigues Alves, 10 - Praça Mauá, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20081-250, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro - Pier Maua, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro - Pier Maua, Brazil

Porto do Rio de Janeiro | Terminal de Passageiros e Eventos - Pier Mauá


We won the concession in 1998 to manage the Maritime Passenger Station in Port of Rio de Janeiro. This is the main gateway for international tourists in Brazil and covers an area of 40,000m2.

Museum Stop - Great for touring Buildings to Warehouses.

We have selected blocks near Pier Maua for tourists and cariocas who wish to take part in the off-season carnival.

Saturday is the day for family fun and...

After receiving the magnificent sailboats of friendly navies, it is now the turn for the centenary sailboat, \"Statsraad Lehmkuhl\", which was donated by the One Ocean expedition to be moored at Pier Maua.

Avenida Rodrigues Alves, 20.

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