Curitiba - Expotrade Convention Center, Brazil

Venue Address: Rodovia Deputado Leopoldo Jacomel, 10454 - Vila Amelia, Pinhais - PR, 83320-005, Brazil
Official Website: http://www.expotrade.com.br/
Curitiba - Expotrade Convention Center, Brazil

Expotrade Convention Center

Expotrade in Videos.

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Modular spaces that can be customized to suit the event's size, and with the structure to host simultaneous programming.

Modular spaces and auditorias can be adapted to accommodate corporate events.

Expotrade has an external and internal structure that can accommodate concerts of 12 to 40 000 people. It also has its own parking area for up to 3000 spaces.

Make your graduation the most memorable event in the year.