Oulu - Ouluhalli, Finland


Oulu - Ouluhalli, Finland
Address: Ouluhallintie 20, 90130 Oulu, Finland
Oulu - Ouluhalli, Finland

Oulu - Ouluhalli, Finland

Ouluhalli - Liikunta ja ulkoilu - Oulun kaupunki

Outdoor exercise and outdoor food

Ouluhalli, a multi-purpose hall that can be used for sports, events and other activities, is located in Raksila Sports Park.

This extension was approved in May 2021. Check out the release announcement. & Nbsp;

The service point closes around 21:00.

There are many sports that can be done:  ? Basketball, football, badminton and athletics.

The hall's diameter is 115m and its height is 24m. It has an area of 12,000 m2, 161,000 m3 in volume, and a running track length of 304m from the inner track. The floor material is Novota.

830 seats in a fixed auditorium; 700 seats in an extra auditorium; and 4,500 additional chairs.

Championships in athletics and ball sports, European Championships, World Championships and World Championships in archery. There are many other national and international competitions.

The Timmi reservation system allows you to book a meeting room for 70 & nbsp, seats.

Sports: Volleyball, basketball, futsal.

National basketball, volleyball, and futsal matches, as well as scaffolding competitions and dance performances, are all part of the national competitions.

Property Manager, Area Manager Jari Leviakangas jari.leviakangas (at) ouka.fi Event Coordinator Sandy Kantola tel. +358 40 489 0980, sandy.kantola (at) ouka.fi.

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City of Oulu Registry Office PO Box 7 90015 City of Oulu Email: [email protected]