Erfurt - Thuringenhalle, Germany


Erfurt - Thuringenhalle, Germany
Address: Werner-Seelenbinder-Straße 2, 99096 Erfurt, Germany
Erfurt - Thuringenhalle, Germany

Erfurt - Thuringenhalle, Germany

Thüringenhalle Erfurt – Erfurter Sportbetrieb

Thuringia Hall Erfurt.

The Thuringenhalle is a sports venue in Erfurt that hosts top-class competitions and cultural events featuring well-known artists from around the globe.

Renting a hall space for a square meter is EUR 0.61 plus VAT per calendar day.


For the allocation Mr. Doring's contact person, Tel. 0361 / 655 203020 or 0170/ 789 51 9960.

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