Reutlingen - Stadthalle Reutlingen, Germany


Reutlingen - Stadthalle Reutlingen, Germany
Address: Oskar-Kalbfell-Platz 8, 72764 Reutlingen, Germany
Reutlingen - Stadthalle Reutlingen, Germany

Reutlingen - Stadthalle Reutlingen, Germany

Willkommen in der Stadthalle | Stadthalle Reutlingen

All information about corona at a glance

Dear Sir/Madam, dear guests.

Since April 3, 2022, the new Corona regulation is in effect in Baden-Wurttemberg. You can find all details here.

You can visit us again with virtually no restrictions.

We recommend that you continue wearing a FFP2 or medical mask starting May 1, 2022 for your safety.

Additional hygiene regulations are also applicable to the Stadthalle Reutlingen.

The Stadthalle Reutlingen has the expertise to provide the highest quality hygiene and air quality. They also offer beautiful moments with amazing artists and wonderful protection.

We are looking forward to seeing you again, and will do all we can to make sure your safety.

We are Germany's first city hall to be CO2-neutral. Continue reading.

Let us let ourselves be inspired and guided by oecological thinking.

We revive the Baden-Wurttemberg conference and event scene. Continue reading.

We are experts in classic, digital, and hybrid event formats. We're always available with expertise and a smile for you! Continue reading.

04/28/2022The new Corona Ordinance is now in effect in Baden-Wurttemberg, effective from 04/03/2022.

03/22/2022We have again met 100% of the criteria to be certified as a sustainable venue for Stadthalle Reutlingen in the ongoing Green Globe audits.

03/07/2022The facade of the Stadthalle in Reutlingen displays the Ukrainian national colors, blue and yellow, since February 24, 2022.