Neuss - Stadthalle Neuss, Germany

Venue Address: Selikumer Str. 25, 41460 Neuss, Germany
Official Website: http://www.neuss-marketing.de/
Neuss - Stadthalle Neuss, Germany

Neuss Marketing präsentiert die charmante Stadt am Rhein

You're Neuss if... You're Neuss if...

Your visit left a lasting impression!

The Schutzenfest days are the highlight of your year!

Make extraordinary places your stage!

Neuss is a young city with historic roots.

Neuss in all of its diversity.

Historical splendor is offered by the new cross-border Hanseatic cycling path that has been officially inaugurated in Emmerich am Rhein.

Take a stroll through the Neuss shopping area and enjoy the many restaurants.