Cottbus - Messe Cottbus, Germany

Venue Address: Vorparkstraße 3, 03042 Cottbus, Germany
Official Website: http://messe-cottbus.de/
Cottbus - Messe Cottbus, Germany

Messe Cottbus - CMT Cottbus, Congress Messe und Touristik GmbH

The fair at the green sea.

It couldn't be more green - our exhibition center is surrounded by the Spreeauenpark, close to the Furst-Puckler-Park and the Branitz Castle. A visit to our center makes for a wonderful experience in the middle nature.

The exhibition center can be reached via the A 15 federal motorway Berlin - Forst-Breslau, (Wroclaw), or via the L49 country road.

Messe Cottbus can be reached easily by public transport.

Timetable information - Cottbusverkehr timetable information - VBB timetable information - Deutsche Bahn.

Parking spaces for public events are charged at EUR3.00 per vehicle/day.

The delivery route for exhibitors is from Gustav-Hermann-Strasse via Vorparkstrasse (traffic-calmed zone) to the exhibition grounds.

T +49 355 7542 200F +49 355 7542 [email protected]