Darmstadt - Darmstadtium - Science and Congress Center, Germany

Venue Address: Schloßgraben 1, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany
Official Website: https://www.darmstadtium.de/
Darmstadt - Darmstadtium - Science and Congress Center, Germany

Herzlich Willkommen im darmstadtium | darmstadtium - Wissenschafts- und Kongresszentrum

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Darmstadtium provides ideal conditions for international congresses and conferences, product presentations, annual general meeting or trade fairs.

You will feel at ease upon arrival due to the central location and direct connection to Frankfurt Airport. In 30 minutes, the AirLiner will take you to the airport.

More than 120 models are on display at the exhibition of model building in science fiction, fantasy, and space travel. It is the only one in Germany.

The 6th...

The German HiFi Days are quickly becoming an integral part the hi-fi scene.

Bulent Ceylan's LUSCHTOBJEKT program in Darmstadt has been cancelled. This alternative date is...

Unter dem Motto \"Sustainable.

Conveniently located in the heart Rhine-Main region.

33 people to contact for personal concerns.

Flexible room designs open up many possibilities for your event.

First European conference center to receive EMASplus certification.

Germany's fastest congress centre with 20 gigabit redundant internet connectivity.

We spent a few days in Darmstadt on August 7, 2021.

We were immediately drawn to the modern architecture of Darmstadtium, the Darmstadt science and congress center.

We were unable to see the fully glazed structure from the outside. There are peaks and edges in the architecture. We explored the whole building, and I took photographs from various angles of the architectural marvel. The Darmstadtium is rich in art, especially ...., which adds to the beauty of the site.

It's great that a part of the city wall which can be assigned historically was included in building construction.

Near the Darmstadtium underground parking garage, you will find a building similar to an old-fashioned tower that also appears somewhat antique. It turned out to be a urinal. Darmstadt was another special place for me.

Only for information.

Direkt at the Darmstadtium, you will find the entrance to Erich Ollenhauer Promenade. This footpath leads to Mathildenhohe. Along the way, many fascinating works of art can also be viewed.